Les Pages Francophones @ ASC is a French website aimed at promoting the understanding and study of French and Francophone cultures worldwide. This online project is a support service to complement the efforts of the French Program at Agnes Scott College in teaching, disseminating and sharing ideas about the multicultural community called Le Monde Francophone, an association of 56 governments, states, territories, and provinces, including those in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, South-East Asia and North America, totaling approximately 500 million people who share the French language. The ultimate goal is to make Les Pages Francophones @ ASC a dynamic forum where students, faculty, staff, scholars and non-specialists can engage in broad discussions about Francophone Studies. Les Pages Francophones @ ASC will encourage and focus on a wide range of issues pertaining to peoples, cultures, societies, economies, politics, literatures and arts in the Francophone diaspora.  Click here, for a short presentation on the importance of learning French.  This site will also provide useful information about the myth and realities of Francophonie. Guests have the opportunity to express their opinions on materials, ideas and issues of interest. We are bound to make mistakes in our nascent efforts to deliver information. Your comments, suggestions and criticisms about this project will thus be highly appreciated. This electronic project would not have materialized without the support of many people. I would therefore like to thank the college administration for supporting Francophone Studies at Agnes Scott College. Special thanks to the Centers for Educational Technology and Digital & Visual Literacy, as well as past and current teaching assistants and student assistants for the support.  Merci beaucoup et bonne visite!!!

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